While it can be a time for fun and relaxation, students and their families can also use the time to learn new and exciting things.

For some families, that means seeking out formal programs — like summer school or daycare — to keep momentum up from the school year and prevent the dreaded summer slip in learning. For others, summer is a time for relaxation and family bonding.

For example, Alleah and her sister Tirrina, students at Cowell Elementary School, are looking forward to visiting local amusement park Elitch Gardens, hiking and sight-seeing this summer. They moved to the Denver area six months ago with their mother Natasha from Stout, Wis.Become a Chalkbeat sponsor

Whatever you have planned for the summer, we want to hear about it, whether it’s a long, relaxing vacation, starting a garden, attending summer school or anything else under the sun.

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Summer vacation is here, and students and parents are thinking of ways to keep themselves busy and entertained during these long, warm months.

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